Scholarships and prizes for gifted young musicians

Important goals of the Carl Bechstein Foundation include not only supporting musical education in general, but also promoting gifted young musicians. Children and youths who have shown particular talent and dedication in playing piano receive long-term support.

To this end, the Foundation cooperates with Jugend musiziert (a competition supported by the federal government) and awards grants and special prizes to the best participants. The Foundation also sponsors prizes awarded at various other events, including the German Music Competition.

Cooperation with Jugend musiziert

The Jugend musiziert competition has been making a sizeable contribution to music education in Germany ever since it was launched fifty years ago. The event not only does some considerable spadework at regional level as it encourages young people to learn an instrument and make music together, but also helps to discover talented musicians throughout Germany and prompts them to hone their skills. Numerous prizewinners have left their mark on the world of music as professional performers and music teachers, thus serving as role-models for the next generation.

The Carl Bechstein Foundation supports the Jugend musiziert competition by promoting young pianists. In 2013, the Foundation awarded a special prize of € 2,500 for the first time to encourage young people to perform together. Pianist Danilo Volpyansky (born in 1999, Schwerin) and flautist Johanna Mill (born in 2000, Lübstorf) won first prize in the Piano and Woodwind Instrument category, age group III, scoring the maximum of twenty-five points.

In 2014 for the first time and in 2017 for the second time, four long-term scholarships were granted to several prizewinners in the Piano Solo category.


Besides talent and dedication, the one thing young pianists need most is the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. The Carl Bechstein Foundation creates such opportunities to support their prize winners and grant holders. For example, it participates in the “Day of Music”, an annual event staged by the German Music Council, which take place at Berlin’s Charlottenburg Palace. The Foundation also cooperates with other partners for concerts given at venues throughout Germany.