When our pianos are being delivered to schools, the joy is often great and so is the motivation to use them. But what does the situation look like after some time? Does anything change in the schools? What effects do our instruments have? The Oberscheckenbach elementary school wrote to us:

“We use the piano at our regularly scheduled school assemblies for song accompaniment and, of course, at our school festivals and celebrations, as well as at the Advent caroling and Christmas concert. In the music lessons of the WIM project (project “We make music”) of grade 1 and 2, the piano as an important representative of the keyboard instruments category is the focus of this unit. Likewise, the piano has an integral part in the instrumental lessons that we offer at our school in cooperation with the music school.

In recent years, more and more children have taken up the offer of piano lessons with the open all-day program at our school. So far, 6 students are learning to play the piano with the help of the piano provided by the Bechstein Foundation. This number has been continuously increasing over the last few years.

In summary, I can emphasize that we are very happy to have this unique, very high quality piano at our school. The sound is still simply wonderful. This instrument contributes greatly to the quality of our musical work. Since we are a small elementary school, we could not have afforded the financing of such a high-quality instrument from our own school funds.

Therefore, I would like to thank your foundation once again for allowing us to have this Bechstein piano for use at our school.”

Gudrun Hartl, Headmistress of Oberscheckenbach Elementary School, March 2020