In early 2018, Ms Su-Chen Li, a Korean professor for Development Psychology and Neuroscience, was diagnosed with a serious illness at the Benjamin Franklin Clinic. However, she was able to beat the illness. Along with the exceptional support of the doctors, the expertise of the medical staff and her faith, her belief in the power of music also helped – in the form of an old piano that stood in the clinic chapel. After making a good recovery, she decided to show her deep gratitude with a special donation and gifted a new piano for the hospital.

On 14 December 2018, a special ceremony was held with the support of the Carl Bechstein Foundation to unveil the instrument in the presence of the clinic’s head and members of the Foundation’s executive management as well as Friends of the Charité. Tabea Streicher, scholarship holder of the Foundation, gave a recital after a Catholic priest had blessed the instrument. Hopefully, the piano will now offer many patients and members of the medical staff plenty of fun and confidence.