After almost a year of successful cooperation, the Foundation’s piano has a permanent place in the everyday school life of the Comenius-Gymnasium. We now received a letter from the school thanking us for providing the piano.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to use the professional instrument both in the mornings during regular music lessons and to offer instrumental lessons in our classrooms in the afternoons. The piano lessons organized by the Niederkassel Music School on the high-quality acoustical piano represent an enrichment of the school’s everyday life by promoting the music pedagogical offer on site. In particular, students who would otherwise have to travel a long way to a music school benefit from being able to combine their piano lessons with their school schedule by having their instrumental lessons in their immediate school environment. The high-quality Hoffmann piano contributes to the work of our music department, especially that of our choir director and music teacher Mr. Mathias Staut, through an intensive cooperation between the high school and the music school. Despite masks and hygiene measures, we are happy for the students that they can resume regular lessons.”

We are very happy that the school has managed to establish regular piano lessons despite the restrictions that have lasted almost since the delivery of the piano due to corona.