New pianos for the school “An der Strauchwiese”

Schule an der Strauchwiese

Schule an der Strauchwiese

The school “An der Strauchwiese” in Berlin-Pankow includes a primary school and special classes for pupils who need tailored support in language. It has a long-standing cooperation with the Béla Bartók music school to offer music lessons. Unfortunately, due to their old age and poor condition, the two existing pianos at both schools were no longer fit for high-quality tuition, but the Carl Bechstein Foundation granted new instruments to both educational institutions, so that tuition is now possible on high-quality pianos and new projects are feasible in the special needs field. The old pianos are being kept in the schools as practice instruments, however, so the children have more opportunities to play at school.

We are delighted about this acknowledgement poem we received from the school “An der Strauchwiese” and wish many hours of fun playing music to the pupils:

“A piano, a piano!” went Loriot’s saying.

Now our school has two pianos to rejoice in!

Harmonies sound sweet.

And music is magical again.

We’re so delighted about the pianos!

A child and a piano – it’s a really great idea.

Because I see this world differently with music!

So today, to the Carl Bechstein Foundation,

we say a big THANK YOU, and sing a top C out loud!”