Special prize from the Carl Bechstein Foundation at the 18th Maritim Musikwettbewerb competition


[Bitte nach "Englisch" übersetzen:] Nikolay Shalamov (links) und Anastasia Sokolova (2.v.r.) mit den Stiftern der Carl Bechstein Stiftung sowie vom Unternehmen Breuell & Hilgenfeldt 

Nikolay Shalamov, Preisträger des Klavier-Sonderpreises 

v.l.n.r. Rainer Wulff (Juryvorsitz), Shuang Zhang (3. Preis), Irina Bogdanova (1. Preis), Yinghao Liu (2. Preis), Foto © Krause 

The final concert of the 18th Maritim Musikwettbewerb competition, organized for students at conservatories in Northern Germany, took place last weekend. The Carl Bechstein Foundation once again presented a special prize, endowed with €1000, for the best piano accompanist. Nikolay Shalamov (27, Rostock Conservatory of Music and Theater) was the laureate.

Singers and piano students from conservatories in Northern Germany participated in the 18th Maritim Musikwettbewerb competition. In the final concert, the special prize awarded by the Carl Bechstein Foundation for piano accompaniment boosted the motivation of the piano students.

By coincidence, this year’s prizewinner, Nikolay Shalamov, is married to Alina Shalamova, who was the winner at last year’s competition. The pair have already graced concert stages as the Shalamov Duo. One of their greatest triumphs was when they won first prize at the International ARD Music Competition in Munich in September 2015.

Our heartiest congratulations to Nikolay Shalamov!