Children love their new piano



The pupils of the Maximilian School in Hamm-Uentrop greatly appreciate the piano donated by Carl Bechstein Foundation.

Frederik-Wilhelm, Lennart, Neele and Karen, four pupils of the Maximilian School in Hamm-Uentrop, are happy: they love the piano donated by the Carl Bechstein Foundation. Frederik-Wilhelm, a bright young boy, has even said he wants to “marry” the piano!
“You could hear that the piano we used to have here was getting old. It really was high time for a new instrument with a fresh sound and good action,” says Philipp Marquardt, department head for keyboard instruments, recorders and harps at the municipal music school. “I happened to see an advert of the Carl Bechstein Foundation in the Neue Musikzeitung at just the right time. I am overjoyed that they were able to help us: the Foundation made a piano available to us, rapidly and without bureaucratic details, after just a brief e-mail exchange.”  Claudia Frerichmann, the school’s principal, is also very happy about the new piano in the auditorium. The school choir and the children’s choir, too, can now look forward to better rehearsals, and the school’s musical performances benefit from the improved sound.

Happiest of all, though, are the children who get to have their lessons on the new piano. Their school participates in a programme called “An Instrument for Every Child,” which aims to provide every pupil the opportunity to learn to play the musical instrument of their choice. The programme also encourages children from the first to the fourth grade to make music together. Frederik-Wilhelm, Lennart, Neele and Karen are one such “Every Child” group. Thanks to the Carl Bechstein Foundation, they now greatly appreciate learning their “craft” on such a high-quality instrument.

The photograph shows Philipp Marquardt with the nine-year-old Karen.