Ten special scholarships worth a total of 120,000 euros awarded


Young pianists are particularly affected by the corona pandemic. Soloists in particular earn their living primarily by giving concerts, which has been almost impossible in the past year and until today.


For this reason, the Carl Bechstein Foundation has decided to award ten annual scholarships in 2021, with a monthly grant of €1,000.

The scholarship is aimed at beginning professional pianists in financial need due to the pandemic. They should be under thirty years of age, have a completed master's degree in piano performance, and have had their primary residence in Germany or Austria for at least two years or be German or Austrian citizens. The young pianists are asked to describe their current situation in a personal letter of application and to give an insight into their artistic activities. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2021.

"In the last eleven months, dozens of concerts, festivals and competitions had to be canceled due to the pandemic," says Gregor Willmes, member of the Carl Bechstein Foundation's board of directors. "As a result, people starting out in their careers in particular have problems earning a living. They don't have a regular income, usually can't live off savings, and have difficulty developing their careers in an up-to-date way. These are the young artists we want to support."

Here you can find the complete announcement here (in German language).