A new piano for the Georg Büchner school in Joachimsthal



The Carl Bechstein Foundation achieves genuine grassroots work in rural regions. For example, it granted a new piano to the Georg Büchner school in Joachimsthal in March 2019 to help promote music playing in this small town located near Berlin.

Statement by Katharina Brunsch, Georg Büchner school:

“Music can maybe not save the world, but it can save your soul.

On 25 March 2019, we made great strides in achieving our aim of giving school pupils new opportunities to get involved with music. A brand-new W.Hoffmann piano sponsored by the Carl Bechstein Foundation was delivered to our school on that date.

The Foundation has been providing schools with high-quality instruments free of charge for three years to give as many children as possible the chance to learn to play the piano. To make sure that the best use is made of the instruments, in the new school year piano lessons are to be offered to the pupils in the afternoon. Close cooperation is planned with the Barnim district music school that would like to send a piano teacher to our school. The new instrument – and the old one – will be available to children at set times for practice lessons. The opportunity for them to enjoy piano tuition at school, without their parents considering longer journeys, not only convinced the Carl Bechstein Foundation, but also proved popular with many parents. We hope there will be lively interest in the piano lessons from the start of the new school year.

Our plan also promotes our best interests, since the school can benefit in many areas when the pupils learn piano. Recent studies in brain research show that piano playing generally improves the brain’s performance which leads to better concentration and coordination. Of course, we also hope that the piano recitals performed by our pupils will enrich our school events as well as being inspirational for our day-to-day work.”

Our sincere thanks to Ms Brunsch for her contribution!