The foundation was named after Carl Bechstein, the visionary piano-maker and friend of many musicians of his time.

Carl Bechstein Foundation promotes piano-playing

The aim of the Carl Bechstein Foundation is to promote piano-playing on a broad scale, especially among children and young people. Find out why this is so important under Philosophy.

The foundation was named after Carl Bechstein (1853–1900), the piano-maker, company founder and patron of many musicians. Carl Bechstein had the vision to make exactly the grand and upright pianos that the musicians of his day – including the great Franz Liszt – had been longing for. He also founded several concert halls where famous artists such as Johannes Brahms and Hans von Bülow would often play. Find out more about Carl Bechstein.

In late 2012, two companies (C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG and Kuthe GmbH, represented by Stefan Freymuth) and two private benefactors (Berenice Küpper and Karl Schulze) joined forces to found the non-profit Carl Bechstein Foundation. Find out more under Benefactors.

The foundation’s Executive Board, which is composed of Stefan Freymuth and the two private benefactors, makes all the major decisions. A Board of Trustees comprising Christian Höppner (Chairman), Wolfram Nieradzik (Vice-Chairman) and Theo Geißler supports and advises the Executive Board. Find out more under Board of Trustees.

Gregor Willmes

Gregor Willmes

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